Exclusive Sublimative Social Media Tool.


INFRARED Limited Edition Series 

Created for Retail and Stores and dedicated to Exclusive product sublimation, Lumi products opens new doors and opportunities as a communication social media tool and sublimation gallery.

Social Media Sublimation Tool

With the Lumi Infra Red exclusive edition , you will ensure your domination in terms of social media with a dedicated Gallery specially designed to sublime your very best content and exclusive products.

UV Luminescent

Infra Red UV series will on any cases get out the magic from your best 3d printed pieces or exclusive products.

A Deep blue effect is produced by a dedicated UV-Level, a complete full controlled light stage, powered by High Quality Led Strips.

Integrated and Modulable Design

Scalability and Modularity are Lumi's design pillars as a core , starting from engineering to manufacturing. 

Fully Customisable from down to top, with multiples options parts and a total freedoom in terms of creativity the package provide everything you need for starting your Lumi experience. 

Open Sources Components

This package will be the perfect education tool fully equiped by open sources components and free softwares.

Powered and drive by a strong mechanical and structural engineering the platform makes all makers happy with a complete integrated and scalable design.

With a strong focus on evolution all IOT Components Electronics and Sofwares will be availble step by step on the Lumi store.

High Quality Packaging and Delivering

You can expect from us , depending on our stocks and manufacturing that Lumi-JAR-01 Infra Red edition, are Shiped and delivered securely inside an exclusive High Quality AsciiMetric Lumi Jar packaging with all related document in terms of exclusivity, version and numbers.

Infra Red UV-JAR-0.1 packages contains  : 

  • Infra Red Edition UV-Level Mechanical part
  • Infra Red Edition IOT-Level Mechanical part
  • Wemos D1 Mini OnBoarded Microcontroller.
  • Adafruit WS2811 high quality UV light strip
  • Lumi 0.1 Jar and Base Edition.
  • Serial Numbers and Official Authentification document.


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All InfraRed Limited Edition series are availbles as dedicated options and packages.


 From Concept Stores to Ambiance Bars or even industry Lumi just make magic on mutliples situations.

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