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Intelligent 3d Assets

AsciiMetric 3d virtual assets are specially designed for real time uses, such as Augmented and Virtual reality immersive experiences. Their intelligence is based on replicating physics and logic, making them ideal tools for multipurpose simulations and real time control needs.

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Real Time VR Simulators

Used from Education to Maintenance or even Safety trainings , real time virtual reality solution are now strategical tools for facing the Covid-19 current situation.

IOT & Smart Connected Design

Opening the door to real time interactions without any physical contacts. Smart Connected Engineering and design is one of our strategical innovation pillar for helping a mulitples of fields currently in front of Covid-19 business mutation.

Immersive Events & Labs

The exclusive opportunity to speed it up your VR integration with dedicated environment and places where our mission is to really speed it up your projects. Contact us and Visit our lab follow our feeds and let's be part to our next events


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