Digital Factory

Lumi Online Store is drived and powered by a complete Digital Factory process. From Engineering passing by Additive Manufacturing to Delivering and shipping,  everything has been done to satisfy our customers with  in time.

Every Lumi part, dedicated series and packages are made in Wallonia, throughout a circular economy loop, strategical and industrial partners, and responsives mafucaturing processes.

Lumi Conceptor

All Lumi product and series like the InfraRed limited edition, has been created by Silan Laurent.

He started his career as an Industrial and Mechanical drawer for the defense sector.

As a 3d designer, expert he used to work as a freelance consultant, helping industries and brands to integrate with efficiency immersive designs and technologies such like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

360 Factory Service


Discover our 360 spherical integration plans and services

Through our products and services, we provide exclusive design solutions and 360 complementary services dedicated to IndustriesRetail & Stores but also Education.

  • Engineering and 3d CAO Product Design.
  • XR Media Optimization.
  • Technical and web Animation.
  • Interactive Documentation (AR).
  • Smart Packaging.
  • Immersive VR Experience.
  • 3d Printing Service.
  • CNC & Laser Cut.
  • Lumi IOT Workshops.
  • XR Trainings & Speed it Up.

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